Invoice finance is a commonly-used form of funding to provide working capital for businesses that typically have customers on extended or longer payment terms. ​

Typically, you can borrow a maximum of 90% of your outstanding sales ledger balance, for a maximum period of between 90 and 120 days from either the invoice date or the end of month your invoice was raised. ​

You retain the credit control function within the business and the facility will not be visible to your customers. ​

The cost is specific to each individual client based on the risk profile of the business and its debtors, which is key to any deal presented. ​

Invoice finance can only be used against business-to-business sales but can be aligned to suit most sectors. 

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You can download our proposal from below which will provide us with sufficient information to take your proposal to the market, however this is not an application for finance and nor will finance be secured or agreed without direct contact with the lender. 

Confidential Invoice Finance